Is A One World Religion Becoming More Plausible?

Time seems to be moving faster and faster these days. Things I once imagined would happen in someone else’s life time seem to be happening now. These are things to be seriously concerned about, wary of and, yet in a way which is difficult to describe, a person can be confident that they were meant to happen. All is moving along exactly as we were forewarned they would. We really have nothing to be worried about, so long as we have faith – that is living faith in our Savior Jesus Christ.

The Book of Revelation foretold of a time when Antichrist would rule us all. He would rule with power terrible and terrifying. Human kind would be forced to obey or suffer the consequences. There would be a One World System of Power both monetarily and spiritually. Governments would collapse and order as we now know it would become anarchy, chaos, war, disease, famine and death of people in the millions.

I have often pondered how any one person could rule the entire world population and draw them into a one world religious experience. When you think about it, there are different religions, and different rulers of or ‘heads’ of those religions. Islam is very different to Christianity and Hinduism or Buddhism or Judaism – and all the other sects which abound across the planet have different belief systems. Power and control is a very big ego thing. Each of these religions have people who are considered the ‘holy ones – the rulers’, those in charge, who dictate what members and adherents will and will not – read can and cannot do. Imagining any number of (or all of) these different creeds coming together and worshipping one set of rules and belief system under one person is mind blowing. I could never fathom how it may occur.

That was until now. Mitch Battros is currently writing a series at his Earth Changes Media website called: Ancient Tribes, Religion, Spirit, Scientifically United.

He informed his readers that at the Vatican (Rome):

A recent symposium was summoned by the Vatican bringing in the world’s top scientists in the fields of astro-astronomy, particle physics, and quantum physics. Their purpose is to discuss the origin, current, and future status of quantum physics as it relates to the full spectrum of charged particles. From the smallest known particle known as galactic cosmic rays, to mid-size particles known as gamma rays, to the largest particles which come in the form of (Solar) solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and coronal holes. 

In part one of this article, Mitch told us Pope Benedict was seriously interested in CERN. (The Large Hadron Collider – the god particle machine!)

Pope Benedict XVI is particularly interested in the CERN experiments. Not just to reflect upon a scientists understanding of the ‘big bang’, but to question the causal effect charged particles have on humans. 

It would seem that Rome (The Catholic Church) and the Pope is doing what was once considered impossible – facilitating open dialogue between all the world religions.

In short, the scientific world, the religious world, and ancient world have all joined together with a common thread of wisdom and united message. “What happens in the universe has a direct causal effect on our galaxy (Milky Way), in-turn has a direct causal effect on star (Sun) in-turn has a direct causal effect on our planet (Earth). And now they are soon to announce a final step. 

The element which connects all above is in fact “charged particles.” What the Mayans call the “5th element or new element” of which some text refers to as “ether”, is the same as what Christians call “holy spirit”, what the Chinese call Chi, the Japanese call Ki, the Indians call Prana and what Luke Skywalker calls “the force”. 

The final step in this equation which is expected to be announced in the coming months – is the acknowledgement identifying the particles emitted from deep within our galaxy, does in fact have a tangible causal effect on all living things here on Earth – including “humans”. 

Now personally I seriously object to having the Holy Spirit of God likened to Luke Skywalker’s ‘the force’. I have never consider the Spirit of God to be like a Jedi Knight. He is the breath of God, Third person of the Trinity, gift to humanity until Jesus himself returns to claim his inheritance. Certainly not a mythical creature conjured up by a fantasy novelist. I dare to speculate also that Muslims, Taoists, Jews and other world religions would object to this reference too.

Read the articles and the inferences for yourselves and see if you too come to similar conclusions.  If the world religious leaders all come to agree that (through science) it can be shown and made known that minute particles from outer space made and control our very being – what need have we of a supreme, all powerful Creator God?

Hence, the summoned appointment of scientists from Russia, India, US, Europe, and Asia gathered at the Vatican to unify a theory which appears to encompass all ancient wisdom with today’s modern science.

No Godthe Big Bang Theory does away with the need for a Creator – it all happened by accident. Is there a Divine presence looking after us, whose image we were made in? No Need – all is controlled thru the “ether” from somewhere in a ‘Galaxy far, far away.’ So that does away with self control, because we have no control over what happens to us, how it effects us and there is no need to be concerned about our response. We have no control over it. 

Time will tell if I am on the right track here. What I can say unequivocally is that I am feeling there are big changes in the wind. Christians be on your guard because Satan is alive and thriving. We have been warned and we need to take heed.

 What will be the end times One World Religion? 

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