Out with The Old and In with The New

Two Popes have sat on the
Papal Throne  in a span
Frances 1of only two weeks.

Benedict retired – a thing most unusual for Popes in living memory. Francis was elected in very quick time – again something that is a tad unusual as to my memory, this can take longer than a day and a bit! Who can tell with The Holy Spirit what will happen to whom and when? God’s ways are not our ways that is for sure.

The New Holy Roman Pontiff seems to be a man of the people, with a heart for the poor and destitute under his care. He walks and meets people, he seems to prefer to use public transport rather than ride ‘in state’ in the Pope mobile, and from the small amount I have read about him in the on-line media he promises to open up the Church to scrutiny. That will sure make a difference.

The Scriptures do not portray Jesus Christ as a man of pomp and ceremony – quite the opposite in fact. He cared for the afflicted – the afflicted in body, mind and spirit. He cared for the poor and the diseased. He staunchly objected to the bureaucracy he found within the Church in Jerusalem. Tossing out money changers really got him into trouble. He made certain everyone knew the Church was God’s Church, and it was to be a Church filled with love.

I sat with some friends during the conclave, and like many Christians – we debated who the Top Job would fall too. One of my ‘christian brothers’ was putting his money on the Cardinal from Argentina – he was right! Many people had been rehashing the ancient prophecies regarding End Times Popes – would the next Pope be black? Would he be the last Pope as predicted by Malachy?

Just remember that even if we are in End Times – God’s time does not run to the 24 hour clock that mankind uses. Frances 1 is a gift to the Church from The Holy Spirit – and he is a Jesuit. As my friend reminded me after the conclave was over:

If there is one thing the Holy Spirit does not know –
it is what the Jesuits are up to!

I pray his Papacy is fruitful and that the world will hear his message of love –
love from God above!

About JustMEinT Musings

I like writing, reading and expressing my opinions. I prefer natural health and healing to pharmaceutical drugs. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.
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3 Responses to Out with The Old and In with The New

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    A New Era Has Begun

  2. rachav7 says:

    Hi JustMEint You need to fix the spelling of the Pope’s name, it should be spelled Francis, that is the masculine version the feminine is Frances.

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