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Out with The Old and In with The New

Two Popes have sat on the Papal Throne  in a span of only two weeks. Benedict retired – a thing most unusual for Popes in living memory. Francis was elected in very quick time – again something that is a … Continue reading

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Wimpy Christians do nothing and elect Satan~~~

Guest Post: OPIONION8’D The “wimpy” Christians of a once great nation are sitting on their backsides and doing nothing to enact their faith. They are not even saying the usual cliché, “I’ll pray about it.” Through their inaction the Christian … Continue reading

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Lord, I Need You

A special prayer from all of us.     Hi Lord, its me again.   We are getting older and things are getting bad here. Petrol prices are too high, there are no jobs, food and heating costs are too high. … Continue reading

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Are we Pauline in our approach to faith?

Our Pastor challenged us today at our home group, about what things we are steadfast about. What do we hold onto with complete certainty, and would, if necessary be prepared to die for? I am reminded of the Apostle Paul … Continue reading

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