Those who advocate same sex marriage will tell you it is not going to pervert anything, they simply want the right to marry whom they choose – as can heterosexual couples. Of course they will push for the right to have children by any which way possible. Then they will push for the right for multiple (legal) partners. You think I joke?

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Why do we need to have this discussion? Why is it NOT necessary to change the Marriage Laws of Australia? I can come up with many reasons, and YES some of them are religious/ethical ones. However, it is most important to recognise that even though those who are pushing for these changes, claim it is for reasons of ‘equity’ and nothing else will change, I think we need to realise this is simply stuff and nonsense.

The family as a unit, in place for millennia to ‘father’ and ‘foster’ the next generation who will inhabit this planet, will disappear as we know it. I have yet to discover how two of the same sex can produce a child. Yes it can be done by artificial means and in cases where hetrosexual couples find it difficult to procreate, then this technology is available to them.

Once again, something that was intended…

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